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Notary acknowledgements serve as crucial legal documents utilized to validate the identity of individuals signing various agreements.

If you’re in need of examples of notary acknowledgements, you’re in luck! This blog post will provide you with a comprehensive overview of 12 examples of notary acknowledgements, shedding light on their significance and functionality.

Particularly useful in scenarios where physical presence is impractical, such as electronic contract signings, they play a pivotal role in affirming the authenticity of signatures.

List Of Notary Acknowledgement

How Do You Write Notary Acknowledgement?

Examples of Notary Acknowledgement:

Example 1: Acknowledgement

Example 2: Acknowledgement

Example 3: Acknowledgement

Example 4: Acknowledgement

Example 5: Acknowledgement

Example 6: Acknowledgement

Example 7: Acknowledgement

Example 8: Acknowledgement

Example 9: Acknowledgement

Example 10: Acknowledgement

Example 11: Acknowledgement

Example 12: Acknowledgement

How Do You Write Notary Acknowledgement?

How Do You Write Notary Acknowledgement

A notary acknowledgement serves as a formal affirmation that a document has been signed by the individual(s) claiming to execute it under the supervision of a notary public. Follow these tips to ensure your notary acknowledgment is in accordance with legal requirements:

  • Format: Adhere to the prescribed format dictated by your state’s regulations.
  • Document Identification: Clearly specify the title and date of the document.
  • Signer Identification: Provide the full name(s) and address(es) of the signer(s).
  • Date and Location: Include the date and location of the signing.
  • Wording: Use precise language affirming the signer’s appearance before the notary.
  • Notary Signature: Ensure the notary signs and stamps the acknowledgment.
  • Record Keeping: Retain a copy of the notarized document for personal records.

Examples of Notary Acknowledgement:

Example 1:Acknowledgement

I, [Name], acknowledge that I have read and understood the terms of this notary acknowledgment. My signature herein signifies my agreement to the terms laid out in this document, affirming their truthfulness and accuracy. I understand the legal implications of this acknowledgement and certify that all statements herein are genuine and correct.

Example 2:Acknowledgement

Example 2:Acknowledgement

Notary Public: [Name of Notary]

Date: [Date]

To Whom It May Concern:

I, [Name of Notary], hereby certify the authenticity of the signature on the document executed by [Name of Signer], who possesses the requisite authority. This acknowledgment is made in accordance with the Notary Public Act to validate the genuineness of the signature.

Example 3:Acknowledgement

Notary Acknowledgement

Notary: [Name of Notary]

Witness: [Witness Name], notary public

Date: [Date]

Place: [Location]

I solemnly certify, under penalties of perjury, the accuracy of the foregoing. The individual who signed below authorized this acknowledgement, performed either by me personally or under my direction. My signature herein confirms the authenticity of this notarial act.

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Example 4:Acknowledgement

Example 4:Acknowledgement

Dear [John],

I wish to acknowledge the signature of the notary on the document you provided me. I am fully aware that the notary is legally obligated to record the information in this form and report it to the court. This acknowledgement is recorded in accordance with state law, and I understand that failure to complete this acknowledgement may render my signature invalid.

Furthermore, I acknowledge that any subsequent signature found on another document after this acknowledgement has been filed with the court will be considered fraudulent under state law.

Example 5:Acknowledgement

Notary Public

I, Emily, acknowledge that the foregoing instrument was executed by the following named persons: Alice, Bob, and Claire. I further certify that neither I nor any person acting with me on my behalf has any authority to vary or amend this acknowledgment.

I further certify that I have personally seen and examined this instrument, and that my signature is genuine and without duress.

Example 6:Acknowledgement

Example 6:Acknowledgement

I, [Mark], hereby pledge my oath to faithfully execute this document and the powers attached thereto. I declare that I have read, understood, and will abide by the terms of this instrument.

I hereby acknowledge that the signature on this instrument was signed voluntarily by me in my own handwriting (or typed signature) and that I was physically present when signing it.

The notary acknowledges that the signature on this document is a voluntary act in accordance with § 55 of the German Notar- und Amtlicher Handelsgesetz (Notary Act and Trade Law).

Example 7:Acknowledgement

Notary Public

State of California, County of San Diego, ss.

I hereby acknowledge that I have received the following instrument from the undersigned and that I am aware of the purpose and effect of this instrument. I certify that I am not a party to this instrument and do not claim to be authorized or interested in any way as to its validity or propriety. No one has been authorized to act on my behalf except as set forth below in this document. As used hereinafter, “you” means the person or organization who signed or executed this acknowledgment.

I have read and understand all terms contained herein, including those relating to liability for damages arising from signing this document.

Date: 02/12/2024 Signed: [Notary Signature] Notarial Stamp: Name: [Name of Notary] State of California, County of San Diego, SS Notary Public Seal Signature

Example 8:Acknowledgement

Example 8:Acknowledgement

I, [Sarah], hereby certify that this instrument was notarized on [date], and the person who signed it has been authorized by me to do so.

I am satisfied that the signer is [David], a resident of [City], who is known to me.

Hereby, I acknowledge that I have personally examined this instrument and know it to be in due form according to law.


Example 9:Acknowledgement

I, [Jennifer], hereby acknowledge the authenticity of the signatures affixed to this document by [Michael] and [Jessica]. I confirm that the individuals signing are known to me and have willingly executed this instrument.

Furthermore, I certify that I have thoroughly examined this document and find it to be in compliance with all legal requirements.


Example 10:Acknowledgement

Example 10:Acknowledgement

Notary Public

State of [Your State], County of [Your County], ss.

I, [Alex], a duly appointed notary public, hereby certify that I witnessed the signing of the foregoing instrument by [Daniel]. I affirm that [Daniel] appeared before me, proved to be the person whose name is subscribed to the within instrument, and acknowledged that he executed the same for the purposes therein contained.

Given under my hand and official seal this [date] day of [month], [year].

[Notary Signature]

Example 11:Acknowledgement

Dear [Mr. Smith],

I hereby confirm my understanding and agreement with the contents of the document provided. I am fully aware of the legal implications of this acknowledgement and affirm the accuracy of the information contained therein.

[Your Signature]

Example 12:Acknowledgement

I, [Sophia], solemnly affirm the authenticity of the signatures appended to this document by [Robert] and [Emma]. I further certify that I am not a party to this transaction and have no vested interest in its outcome.

Moreover, I declare that I have witnessed the signing of this instrument and believe it to be executed freely and voluntarily.



Example of Acknowledgement:

An example of an acknowledgement could be a statement where someone confirms receiving a gift from a friend by saying, “Thank you for the lovely gift. I acknowledge that I have received it.”

What is written on an acknowledgement?

An acknowledgement typically includes a statement where one person acknowledges or confirms something, such as receiving a gift, a document, or understanding the terms of an agreement.

Which of the following is a requirement of an acknowledgement?

The requirement of an acknowledgement often includes a clear statement or affirmation by one party confirming or recognizing something, such as receiving a document or gift or understanding the terms of an agreement.

Why is acknowledgement important?

Acknowledgement is important because it confirms communication, receipt of items, understanding of terms, or recognition of contributions. It helps in maintaining clarity, accountability, and mutual respect in various interactions and transactions.

What is an acknowledgement form?

An acknowledgement form is a document used to formally recognize or confirm certain actions, such as receiving a document, a gift, or understanding the terms of a contract. It often includes spaces for signatures and dates to validate the acknowledgement.

How do you acknowledge it in one word?

You can acknowledge in one word by saying “Yes,” “Agreed,” “Received,” or “Understood,” depending on the context of the acknowledgment.

What does it mean to acknowledge a document?

To acknowledge a document means to formally recognize or confirm receipt of the document, understand its contents, or agree to its terms. This acknowledgement can be done verbally or in writing.

What is a formal acknowledgement letter?

A formal acknowledgement letter is a written document used to formally recognize or confirm certain actions or information. It is often used in business or legal contexts to confirm receipt of documents, understanding of terms, or acceptance of agreements.


In conclusion, acknowledgement plays a vital role in various aspects of communication and transactions, serving to confirm receipt, understanding, or agreement. By formally recognizing or confirming certain actions or information, acknowledgement helps maintain clarity, accountability, and mutual respect. Whether it’s acknowledging receipt of a document, understanding the terms of an agreement, or confirming a contribution, acknowledgement fosters effective communication and ensures transparency in interactions. Therefore, it is essential to understand the significance of acknowledgement in facilitating smooth and trustworthy exchanges.

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